TV Productions

We could have been doctors or lawyers or engineers or even pop stars but we had too many ideas for tv shows

Life is better with friends

JoinUs is a revolutionary television concept created exclusively by PlanA. We put together content videos, product placement videos and creative story telling to create an interesting, fresh and appealing television show that became a benchmark for the greek television. The high standards in quality and aesthetics the story telling and most of all the content itself turned the “JoinUs way of filming” as a reference both for clients and also for content creators in Greece.

Dot. Dream it. Do it.

The most infuential bloggers, youtubers, journalists and personalities come together under the slogan “Dot. Dream it. Do it.” with one challenge: Το change the way we watch television and the way we see the brands and products on television. Products and brands are not only part of the scenario but part of our lives. Dot. as a lifestyle tv show is enganging them in the most efficient and productive way.